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Snooping WPF

Posted in WPF at Thursday, August 24, 2006 8:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Yesterday I was working on migrating the Coding4Fun FreeCell application to the July CTP as a simple task to better understand WPF styles and templates. As I was migrating the code I kept getting binding errors and, due to my ASP.Net background, I kept wishing for some sort of "View Source" type of option. Well today I came Snoop via John Grossman:

[Snoop] developed out of internal tools originally built into Expression that help us inspect our visual tree.  Originally we dumped the tree to a text file, then Pete put some UI on it, then Kenny incorporated the UI into Expression, and since then Pete has raised the stakes repeatedly making it standalone and adding features such as being able to inspect and even set values in the tree, and to be able to set breakpoints on data changes. 

This is a very cool little application that let's you walk through the objects in the visual tree. Not the just the visual tree you define in your xaml, but the visual tree that is generated after all the databinding and template binding have been done. Very nice and very useful.

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