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BizTalk's Cache Refresh Interval

Posted in BizTalk at Thursday, June 02, 2005 11:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time

If you're enabling/disabling receive locations in BizTalk using the BizTalk object model explorer (example here) then you need to be aware of the Cache Refresh Interval property. The importance of this property is explained here:

The receive location is disabled after the cache refresh interval passes. The default value for the cache refresh interval is 60 seconds. For more information about setting the Cache Refresh Interval property, see About the BizTalk Group.

What this means is that when you make a change, such as disabling a receive location, it may take up to 60 seconds before that change is actually realized (hence Jon says it tends to be 30 seconds on average). This can make your tests quite long (since you are testing your code right?). In order to shorten this you can open up the BizTalk Server Administration and select the properties of your BizTalk Server. In that dialog you can set this to something that make sense for your environment.


Hopefully this saves someone some time as it took me awhile to catch on to what BizTalk was doing...

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