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Riding for a Cause (or two)

Posted in General at Monday, April 14, 2008 10:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Back in January I posted my goals for the year of exercising, regular blogging, and better time management. I was doing pretty good on the first two until I was staffed on an out-of-town project which made exercising more difficult and took all my time for blogging.

For time management I started using ClearContext based on the recommendation of Lamont Harrington. Now my inbox is usually empty except for when I occasionally get behind. So that goal has been pretty much realized, but I'm sure I will learn more as the year goes on.

In order to get back on track for exercising I've signed up for two cycling events going on this year:

  1. SoCal Tour de Cure - June 14th
  2. Bike MS: Southern California Ride - Sept. 20-21

For the Tour de Cure I'm doing the 65 mile ride and for the Bike MS I'm doing the 175 mile ride. Should be a lot of fun plus it will help a worthy cause. Speaking of which, if you'd like to make a tax deductible contribution to either one on my behalf I'd really appreciate it.


For this ride I'm attempting to raise $1000. If you're interested in donating you can sponsor me here. During both of my wife's pregnancies she contracted gestational diabetes. The nice thing about gestational diabetes is that once you give birth it usually goes away. However, sometimes it can "stick" and then you will have the real thing. My wife had to modify her diet and check her blood sugars after each meal.

The other contact I've had with diabetes, which I'm sure most of my readers share, is through Scott Hanselman. Scott has been very vocal about his diabetes even to the point of twittering all his diabetic activity for a day. He usually participates in the diabetes walk (last year he raised over $20k through his team) which is one of the ways I came in contact with the ADA

So if you want to donate to a good cause, you can do so here.

For the MS ride I'm also attempting to raise $1000. For this ride you can sponsor me here. Thankfully this one hasn't really crossed my path nor anyone in my family. However, it is definitely a worthy cause as well.

I hope you will consider sponsoring me for one or both rides. I'll keep this post updated with my progress and will probably do another post for the MS ride when it gets closer.

Happy New Year!

Posted in General at Wednesday, January 2, 2008 1:41 AM Pacific Standard Time

Last year I made a new years resolution to start exercising and get back in shape. Knowing myself fairly well I new that I needed to take a phased approach where I would start with working out one day a week and doing one bike ride per week and then each month add one more day. That approach worked great and I stayed in shape most of the year until around October where projects and weather got me out of the habit.

For this year I decided on three resolutions which I think will help me.

  1. Exercise three days a week. I'm generally happier and feel better when I'm in the habit of exercising. However, I think that trying to exercise six days a week is too difficult so I'm going to try for exercising three days a week.
  2. Write at least one blog post per week. I really enjoy Harry Pierson's Morning Coffee posts but I don't think my schedule would allow for a daily blog post. So I'm going to shoot for at least one post per week.
  3. Improve my time management skills. This resolution is not as specific as I'd like it to be, but it will have to do. I really need to learn better time management skills in order to stay on top of all the things going on at work and in life in general.

So I commit to you, my readers, to do these three things this year.

Happy 2008!

Installing Subversion as a Windows NT Service

Posted in General | Test-Driven Dev at Wednesday, October 3, 2007 12:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Each time I set this up I always have to google to remember how to do it. The last time I set it up I came across James Kovacs' post on the subject which works great. The only thing I usually end up adding is the --listen-port=x since many clients do not allow me to open up a new hole in the firewall so we end up using port 443 which works great.

I actually couldn't find James's post (I think I was googling subversion windows service instead of svn windows service) and found it through Corey Ippolito who references James in his post.

So hopefully I never have to look hard for this again. :)

Which Transformer Are You?

Posted in General at Thursday, August 16, 2007 7:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I'm at home today with a sick wife helping take care of the kids, so I had time to take the transformer quiz [via Guy Burstein].

Take the Transformers Quiz


Web Experience Events

Posted in General | ASP.Net/Web Services | .NET | Silverlight at Tuesday, June 5, 2007 4:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Via Tim Heuer I read about Kirk's xbox contest:

XBox 360To help fill those seats, we are giving away two XBox 360s to people simply who blog about the event with some pre-canned text. The first XBox 360 will be given away during the keynote at the Los Angeles Web Experience event this week, the second will be given away during the keynote at the Denver Web Experience event next week. To win, all you gotta do is blog about it, because that's how we are going to draw the winner.

I'm already signed up for the LA event since it looks like it will be pretty interesting. So here is my xbox entry form:

Microsoft is hosting free Microsoft Web Experience events at the Los Angeles Microsoft office on June 8th and the Denver Microsoft office on June 15th. They will be presenting information on building the next generation user experience on the web.

They are providing breakfast and lunch, hosting a reception with beer and wine, and attendees are automatically registered in a drawing for an XBox 360 and a Zune that will be given away at each event.

For more information, visit http://kaevans.sts.winisp.net/Shared%20Documents/webexperience.aspx.

See you there!

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WPF/E Forums Close, Silverlight Forums Open

Posted in General | WPF/E | Silverlight at Sunday, April 29, 2007 11:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Today at MIX the Silverlight.net community site was announced. Along with that announcement Microsoft has closed the old WPF/E forums:

These forums are retired.  To join the conversation about Silverlight, please go to the new Silverlight community home:





I'm hoping to get back into blogging about WPF/E Silverlight real soon by checking out alll the new features. I got behind on my forum posting and blogging due to our new family member, but now things are settling down so I should be back soon. :)

Go check out the new community site plus all the new features. There are so many things to try out I'm not sure where to start!

James Eugene Likes!

Posted in General at Saturday, March 24, 2007 11:43 AM Pacific Standard Time

This morning my wife gave birth to our second son, James Eugene Likes. My wife did great and the baby is happy and healthy. It was a very exciting night! :)

Our first son Alexander is very excited about his new little brother and is having a great time helping mom.

When Your Blog Becomes a Tech Forum

Posted in General at Wednesday, February 7, 2007 10:21 AM Pacific Standard Time

One of my blogging habits to to blog about my own technical difficulties. Since I am the IT help desk for all my friends and family, when I encounter something that I can't figure out I usually blog about. Since google ranks blog posts very high in its results, you can usually top the search results quite easily. Here are some of my recent technical challenges:

All three posts have turned into a mini forum where people have been posting questions and answers. I find this to be very interesting use of my blog as a technical forum. The nice thing is that I benefit from many of the comments since I usually try them out to see if they solve my problem. For instance, my Vista Screensaver issue was resolved and I found out about the resolution via a comment on my blog.

I also know that many times I get answers to my technical questions via other peoples blogs. For instance, I was trying to install Vista on an old Toshiba tablet that my brother donated to me (a 3505) and followed this post about setting up a PXE service to network boot it. I didn't have to figure out what tech forum to visit to post my question because it had already been answered.

Blogs + Google have definately made solving technical problems much easier. Don't forget to blog about yours.

Certifications Are Like Decorations

Posted in General | Certifications at Thursday, January 18, 2007 10:03 AM Pacific Standard Time

Jeff Atwood asks Do Certifications Matter? Personally I think there are two main uses for certifications:

  1. Inexperienced developers trying to break into that first job
  2. Experienced developers who want some decorations

In the first case, even though they don't mean a whole lot, I do feel better hiring someone fresh out of college if they are also an MCSD. While that doesn't mean they will come in at a higher level, it does mean that they have a better idea of the software development landscape and probably know more of what they don't know.

For the second case I think certifications matter even less between programmers, but probably have some impact in selling developers to a client. If I'm interviewing an experienced developer I'm definately much less interested in their certifications.

I personally like certifications. Not so much for selling myself to clients or potential employers, but as decorations. I enjoy taking tests and I don't spend anytime studying for the exams (unless I don't pass, then I generally see it as a real challenge). I also find them helpful because they help me to know what I know or don't know. If you take the beta exams, they are free, plus many times you get a voucher for passing them.

So to complete my analogy, certifications are like decorations and experience is like floorspace. If you have very little floorspace and lots of decorations, it will look cluttered and strange. The more floorspace you have, the more decorations you can have.

Do certification matter? I think so, but not as much as experience.

Cross-Posted Test

Posted in General at Friday, December 8, 2006 2:17 AM Pacific Standard Time

This post should get cross-posted automatically to my Avanade blog. Does it work?

Update: It works! If you want to set this up go here for some great instructions. Now I don't have to manually cross-post to both blogs.

Update2: Seems the initial post works, but I'm not seeing updating getting cross-posted. Hmm..

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