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Virtual PC 2007 on Vista RC2

Posted in Vista | Virtualization at Wednesday, October 11, 2006 6:46 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Developing application on Vista RC2 just got a whole lot easier: Virtual PC 2007 Beta is available. Prior to this release Virtual PC didn't play very nicely on Vista so you were forced to setup Virtual Server. VS has some benefits over Virtual PC, but VPC is much more convenient to use.

Since VPC 2007 supports Vista as a host operating system the glass features are enabled. From the VPC Guy:

Major changes include:

  • Support for hardware virtualization (Intel and AMD)
  • Support for Windows Vista as a host operating system
  • Support for Windows Vista as a guest operating system
    • Note: No support for Aero Glass though - just Aero Basic
  • Support for 64-bit host operating systems
    • Note: Virtual machines are 32-bit only
  • Improved performance

VPC 2007 detected that my Toshiba M5 has hardware virtualization and enabled it. So far it seems very fast and easy to use. I'm glad to see this being released as it completes my RC2 machine.

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VHDMounting Vista Backups

Posted in General | Vista | Virtualization at Monday, October 9, 2006 7:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time

When I upgraded from Vista Pre-RC1 to RC1 I used the built in backup program to backup my files. It worked very well for me so when I was upgrading from the Sept CTP to RC2 I decided to use it again. I also put a little more confidence in it and didn't do a completely thorough job of backing up my files (besides the full backup that is). So when I realized that I forgot to back something up I fired up the backup program and pointed it to my Sept CTP backup. However, the tool complained that there were no backup sets on the drive. Hmmmm.

I wasn't able to get the restore to ever recognize the backup set, but I did find that Microsoft is storing the backup as a VHD file. Those of you familiar with virtualization will know that that is a Virtual Hard Disk. So with some help from the Virtual PC Guy I was able to mount the VHD using Virtual Server R2 SP1 Beta 2's VHDMount utility (yes that really is the product's name). So I now have a drive on my Vista RC2 machine that contains all the files from my Sept CTP machine and I can browse them and restore them at my leisure. Whoever made the call to backup to VHD, I owe you a beer. Great choice!

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Server Core: Less Means More

Posted in General | Virtualization at Friday, October 6, 2006 3:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Wow, I'd never even heard of Server Core prior to reading this article today. Server Core is a new version of Windows that is "Windows without Windows" (kind-of, there are still windows, see below).

[Click on image for larger view.]

Server Core has serveral Core roles:

Server Core can only act as a file server, domain controller, DNS server or DHCP server. As such, it's far from being a full-fledged Windows operating system (although Microsoft is considering other roles for future versions). Besides these four core roles, Server Core also supports Cluster Server, Network Load Balancing, the Unix subsystem, the new Windows Backup in Longhorn, Multipath I/O, Removable Storage Management, BitLocker drive encryption and SNMP. Server Core also supports Remote Desktop administration, although you'll only get a command-line window when you connect.

What does this give you? Well for one, a lot less resource requirements:

Cramming Windows into a single gigabyte or less (down from Longhorn's 5GB to 6GB footprint) requires leaving out plenty of elements.

The article doesn't mention the memory usage, but in that screenshot it is only using 194 MB. Imagine what this gives you when you add in Virtual Server. You could easily host all your core infrastucture servers (DNS, Domain Controler, DHCP, etc) on a single host server without having to buy a really expensive host. I think this will be really cool for developers as you could easily add a domain controller that has good performance without needing 5 GB for the drive and 700 MB of memory just to host it.

I'm excited to see that MS is thinking outside the box and going windowless!

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