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Checking Checksum

Posted in Sql and Xml at Tuesday, December 7, 2004 2:18 AM Pacific Standard Time

I use checksum in SQL Server to distinguish between records that are different instead of comparing the character strings in them. My application was working fine until I added a lot of records and suddenly things started getting messy. After taking a look at it I determined the issue was that the checksums were being computed as being equal even though the columns had different values. Here is one example:

select checksum('where myval in (7004054,7004055)') a, checksum('where myval in (7003888,7003889)') b

  a b
1 1796206651 1796206651


Notice that the two values are the same even though the where clause is very different. There was an easy fix in my case though:

select checksum(N'where myval in (7004054,7004055)') a, checksum(N'where myval in (7003888,7003889)') b

  a b
1 1992021988 -375513627

So in this case I only had to change the variables I used to calculate the checksums from varchar to nvarchar and everything started working. This is going to force me to take a much closer look at my process though.

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