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And Another Thing

Posted in General at Friday, October 15, 2004 7:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time

While I'm still ranting about MS product issues let me add one more rant. :)

I just finished upgrading from the Virtual Server 2005 RC to the RTM. Just went to copy/paste from my desktop to the Virtual Server and it still doesn't work. $#@%! Grrrrr. This is the most irritating short coming of Virtual Server 2005.

Is there some kind of workaround for this (besides opening Notepad2, pasting, saving, closing, opening, copying, pasting)?

Sunday, October 17, 2004 6:16:00 PM (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00)
At the risk of stating the obvious: if you're running Windows Server 2003 as the guest OS in your Virtual Server, you can always use Terminal Server to connect to it instead of the VMRC client...
Thursday, November 4, 2004 7:26:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
At the risk of stating another obvious: did you uninstall the tools prior to the upgrade, and then reinstall them afterwards in your vm's ?
Wednesday, February 9, 2005 7:42:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
Ok Arie, you're right. That works. Thanks!
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