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SqlXml 3.0 Sp2 Released!

Posted in at Thursday, October 2, 2003 1:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time

This is something that many people have been waiting for. It was posted yesterday in the newsgroups but I missed it since the MS news servers were having problems.

I'm happy to announce that the RTM version of SqlXml 3.0 SP2 has been

You can download the bits from:

SP2 includes many fixes since the SP1 release including:
  a.. Identiy Propagation for XML Bulkload
  b.. Null Support for Web Services when used with Visual Studio .NET 2003
Please see the included documentation for details.
SQLXML enables XML support for your SQL Server Database. It allows
developers to bridge the gap between XML and relational data. You can create
XML View of your existing relational data and work with it as if it was an
XML file. SQLXML allows you to:

  a.. Build Web Services with SQL Server 2000
  b.. Build Web sites to publish data from SQL Server
  c.. Query relational database with XPath
  d.. Update relational data as if it was XML
  e.. Load XML into SQL Server
  f.. Query SQL Server via URLs, OLEDB/ADO or .NET Managed Classes

Irwin Dolobowsky
Program Manager, SqlXml

Now we just need to get some managed classes that don't use the COM Interop.

Tracked by:
"SqlXml.org Home Page" (Anonymous) [Trackback]
Friday, January 16, 2004 5:19:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
<br>I am using Bulkload to upload multiple relational tables, one table with Autoincrement PK. It worked fine. Now I need to Add a child table to it which has the Same PK field and has to be loaded from the parent.
<br>Here I have scores table, whose Score_ID feild is autogenrated. I need to populate another TblScoreHistory table with scoreID and omr_scores fields. I tried with the relationship specifiled but didn't work. How do I define my Schema.
<br>MY datafile
<br><Score editflag="0">
<br> <omr_score>*</omr_score>
<br> <ScoreHistory>
<br> <OrigScore>*</OrigScore>
<br> </ScoreHistory>
<br>My Schema
<br><sql:relationship name="ScoresScoreHistory" parent="scores" parent-key="score_id" child="tblScoreHistory" child-key="ScoreID"/>
<br><xsd:element name="Scores" minOccurs="0" sql:is-constant="true">
<br><xsd:element name="Score" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded" sql:relation="scores" sql:relationship="BookletPageScores" sql:key-fields="score_id">
<br> <xsd:complexType>
<br> <xsd:sequence>
<br> <xsd:element name="score_id" type="xsd:integer" minOccurs="0"/>
<br> <xsd:element name="omr_score" type="xsd:string" sql:field="omr_scores"/>
<br> <xsd:element name="ScoreHistory" minOccurs="0" sql:relation="tblScoreHistory" sql:relationship="ScoresScoreHistory" sql:key-fields="score_id">
<br> <xsd:sequence>
<br> <xsd:element name="scoreid" type="xsd:integer" minOccurs="0" sql:field="scoreID" sql:mapped="true"/>
<br><xsd:element name="OrigScore" minOccurs="0" sql:field="vcscanvalue" sql:mapped="true"/>
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