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My First WPF/E App

Posted in ASP.Net/Web Services | Avanade | WPF | WPF/E at Thursday, December 14, 2006 7:27 AM Pacific Standard Time

I've always thought that Flash was cool. When I was in college I purchased a copy of Macromedia studio at the academic price and tried to create some Flash animations for a website. However, I'm not a designer and the learning curve was too much for me at the time, so Flash didn't stick with me.

A couple of projects back I spent a lot of time with WPF since the client portion of the application was going to be built with WPF. Armed with a basic knowledge of WPF, I thought I would give WPF/E a try. One of the big advantages of WPF/E is that if you like what someone else has done you can just take a look at their XAML. So to get started on my WPF/E project I took a look at the WPF/E Egg Timer (via Tim) and the WPF Blog's Header. You can download the XAML and the JavaScript for both to see how they work. I also read through this article on getting started with WPF/E which includes IIS configuration information.

One of the projects that I've been working on in my spare time is a social website for the Avanade solution developers in Southern California. So far I don't have much to show except a cool url and now a very simple WPF/E animation. You can check it out at http://wsup.la.

It is just a place holder for now, but it was still fun to create. In addition to the links above, I also used:

Since WPF/E is so easy to create (and edit) I'm guessing we will be seeing a lot of it in the near future.

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