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Eli's SharePoint Resources Updated

Posted in Reporting Services | SharePoint at Wednesday, August 24, 2005 6:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From Eli Robillard:

After a year and 32065 web views, I've reorganized and moved the SharePoint resource page into an article. In addition to giving it a more sensible URL, the switch reflects the fact that this is a continuously updated resource and not a one-time posting. I've also added hand-tuned searches, making it easy to locate the most current information for each topic. Don't forget to update your bookmarks and links, and as always, enjoy!

I noticed that the RsWebParts are not listed in the Web Parts section, but other than that it looks like a great list of stuff. My own SharePoint Resource Page has gotten pretty stale (though that isn't entirely my own fault, it is a wiki after all :)

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