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Daemon Tools 4.0 Released

Posted in General at Monday, November 14, 2005 12:13 PM Pacific Standard Time

via Greg:

The very cool Daemon Tools is now at v4.0...

Their server is getting slammed with the release of this, so give it a bit if you can't get through.

One thing they make very clear is that this version includes optional ad-ware. During the install you can decide to install the ad-ware to help support them or opt-out.

Download it here. When I ran the install, I didn't see anything about opting out of some ad-ware. Hopefully the upgrade doesn't have the ad-ware.

Update: I realized after the reboot that I had only run the uninstall of the 3.47 version. In the 4.0 install there is a checkbox for a daemon tools search bar add-in. So I unchecked it and I see to be ad-ware free so far.

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