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Eric Gunnerson on Loops

Posted in General at Monday, April 19, 2004 2:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Eric Gunnerson on Loops:

So, I would choose the foreach version unless I needed the index.

In fact, I would advocate this position even if for loops are faster, to avoid the sin of premature optimization.

What was funny to me when I read this was that I've always prefered the foreach version because of readability, but I always assumed it was the slowest. I actually assumed option #3 was the fastest. Glad to hear that my favorite method is the preferred one.

Update: Joshua posts how option #3 is actually the fastest and concludes that:

There are two “rules” I would like to propose:

  • Don't be too clever.  Writing loop 3 just because you think it will be faster is too clever.  Avoiding loop 3 just because “the JIT can't optimize it” is also trying to fool the compiler.  Just write the code that does what you want.
  • Measure perf specific to your scenario.  Measure it yourself.

Update(2): Seems like this topic is a hot one. Kevin Ransom asks To foreach or not to foreach and concludes:

[T]here is no performance benefit to be gained by replacing foreach(...) with for(int i; ...).



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