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The Insensitive Regular Expression Validator Control

Posted in General at Wednesday, June 30, 2004 9:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time

That is quite the name, but it works pretty much as advertised. I have been doing a lot of Regexing lately to parse t-sql code that people input into my latest intranet application. I figured I could share my regex pattern between the server component and the client validation control, but quickly found out a few things.

  1. The client side component doesn't support comments.
  2. More importantly, the client side component is cAsE SeNsItIvE. Ouch!

So with a little Googling I came accross ConceptDevelopment.NET's InsensitiveRegularExpressionValidator. I copy/pasted the source code into my project and had it almost working pretty quickly. Almost working because I got an exception that told me my ValidationExpression could not be null. Well I was setting my ValidationExpression in the page load event so I knew this wasn't true.

Thankfully I've read Nikhil Kothari's book ASP.Net Server Controls which helped me quickly spot the problem. The ValidationExpression was being stored in a local variable which meant it would be empty on the post back since I was only setting it the first time the page was loaded. Cool. I simply changed it to be stored in the ViewState and everything started working perfectly.

Overall this is a very cool control even if it is insensitive :)

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