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When Your Blog Becomes a Tech Forum

Posted in General at Wednesday, February 7, 2007 10:21 AM Pacific Standard Time

One of my blogging habits to to blog about my own technical difficulties. Since I am the IT help desk for all my friends and family, when I encounter something that I can't figure out I usually blog about. Since google ranks blog posts very high in its results, you can usually top the search results quite easily. Here are some of my recent technical challenges:

All three posts have turned into a mini forum where people have been posting questions and answers. I find this to be very interesting use of my blog as a technical forum. The nice thing is that I benefit from many of the comments since I usually try them out to see if they solve my problem. For instance, my Vista Screensaver issue was resolved and I found out about the resolution via a comment on my blog.

I also know that many times I get answers to my technical questions via other peoples blogs. For instance, I was trying to install Vista on an old Toshiba tablet that my brother donated to me (a 3505) and followed this post about setting up a PXE service to network boot it. I didn't have to figure out what tech forum to visit to post my question because it had already been answered.

Blogs + Google have definately made solving technical problems much easier. Don't forget to blog about yours.

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