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Some Designer Love

Posted in WPF | WPF/E at Tuesday, March 13, 2007 8:43 AM Pacific Standard Time

Wow, I just came across the DesignersLove.Net blog today via Rob's post about CHATBlender which is a very cool combination of WPF/E and MSN Messenger. So I subscribed to it and since then there have been two more great posts that are worth sharing.

The first is a short tutorial about how to use Blend to do WPF/E design work. This is probably one of the top requests over in the WPF/E forums that I didn't have a good answer for and now I do. I won't spoil the read by copying any of the post since there is lots of good stuff to read over there.

The second post highlights a new WPF/E game: Rock, Paper, Scissors done by Thannap. Pretty fun little WPF/E game, go give it a try. :)

The WPF/E community is definitely growing fast!

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