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RSS Bandit to add Subscription Syncing

Posted in Sql and Xml | General at Wednesday, April 21, 2004 4:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dare comments:

RSS Bandit [currently] gives you the option to download and upload your feed list from a file share, an FTP server or a dasBlog weblog. However this doesn't actually do much synchronization during the import phase, basically it just adds the feeds that don't currently exist in your aggregator. It doesn't synchronize the read/unread messages, remove deleted feeds or remember which items you've flagged for follow up. I am in the process of fixing this for the next release.

Wow! When I started using RSS readers I began with RSS Bandit. I was even part of the workspace for a bit but never actually did any work other than making some suggestions (which usually Dare had already thought about). But at some point I switched to SharpReader.

Now the RSS Bandit team has been busy adding new features and while some of the features like searching were tempting, they weren't enough to make me switch back. But subscription syncing, now that is a killer feature that will I would drop SharpReader for in a quick second. I basically quit reading blogs away from work since it was just too much trouble to filter through what I had already read. This sounds like a great solution to this problem.

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