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Integrating MVC with Silverlight (Part 2)

Posted in ASP.Net/Web Services | Silverlight | MVC at Thursday, June 5, 2008 1:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Ok, so in my first post on Integrating MVC with Silverlight I didn't actually get to the Silverlight part. I only laid out the navigation and set it up so that it would work with Silverlight when I did add it in. So while on the flight from Orlando to Phoenix I re-wrote my menu using Silverlight 1.0 (using some old wpf/e code I had laying around).  Below is a screenshot of my updated sample which now has Silverlight:


So I'm still using the partial rendering by switching out the master page, which still isn't the ideal solution. What I'd really like is a way to call ViewPartial and pass in the name of the content area that I want to render. I'm also still not integrated with the MVC url system and have the Urls hardcoded in my javascript. Also, even thought the menu control could have state it doesn't actually show which page is currently selected.

So this example does integrate Silverlight with MVC, however, it still needs some more work. Since my flight to Burbank just got delayed from 8:25 to 10:15 maybe I'll have some time to work out these other issues. :(

Download Updated Sample Code Here

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